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TOBIAH LIFE CENTER, INC. is a God-ordained ministry to fulfill God's great plan for the times we live in! To REACH, RESCUE, REVIVE men, women,  & families  from addiction & other life-controlling issues. Bringing HOPE within reach to every person, and giving every person the opportunity to receive JESUS CHRIST as LORD & SAVIOUR! To be filled with Holy Spirit to win the lost, no matter the cost!  2Cor.5:17; Acts 1:8; Eph.5:18; 2 Tim.2:2 

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River Church Philly/Cam Main Event
Sunday 10:30 AM
Thursday 7:00 PM
TLC Outreach/Soulwinning
Saturday 11:00 AM

Hi! We are Tobiah Life Center, Inc.

Tobiah Life Center



Tobiah Life Center, Inc. has been established to Reach, Rescue, and Revive men, women, and families from the grip of drug addiction, and other life-controlling issues. To help people discover their God-given purpose and live in victory giving glory to God.

With drug overdose and abuse on the rise, one in every three families feel the effects. Even though the person who is in the grip of addiction may want help. They are often faced with red tape, and delays in getting the proper help and treatment that is needed. Individuals get discouraged, and the voice of addiction begins to scream louder than the voice of hope, which more often then not leads to death! 

God is Good, and He wants to display His Goodness to people. It doesn't matter who you are,  your loved one, or maybe someone you know, down and out, or up and out. The name Tobiah, means the Goodness of God. That's why we are here, Tobiah Life Center is God's Goodness in demonstration to the addicted, and others that struggle with life-controlling issues. Ninety percent of what we do is through outreach, bringing Hope within reach, and taking the message of Love and Faith to the streets.


We do street outreach in urban and suburban areas that need to see God's love and goodness on display. To bring Hope within Reach, and Rescue those who are in peril. We are not providing hand-outs, but hands-up that bring healing and Revive men, and women out of the rut of destruction, with the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. To let them know God sees everyone special and valuable, and so do we!

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Meet our staff

G. Fred & Mary Chinn Founders

When God put Mary and Fred Chinn together, He also put a vision and passion on the inside of them. That vision and passion is to help and see people live free from the horrors of addiction and other life-controlling issues. There reason for such compassion,  Fred and Mary once lived the horrible nightmare of chemical dependency. But  now both are living testimonies of the life-changing power of God. Fred graduated Teen Challenge in 87, and has travelled around the country sharing his story bringing hope to the hopeless. In 09 Mary and Fred both graduated Bible school and began helping youth in the urban areas. Today Fred and Mary together bring over 30 years of living free  from the nightmare of addiction. They both will be the first to say, "Jesus Changes Everything" and will spend the rest of their lives "making the most of every opportunity" and bringing this message of HOPE to others.

In July of 2018, Tobiah Life Center, Inc. was established. 

Team TLC Boots On The Ground

We are a team of leaders that come together from various vocations of life. We are "Boots On The Ground" that help to carry out the vision & purpose of Tobiah Life Center. We realize that God's love never fails, changes, or gives up. We are on the mission to Reach, Rescue, and Revive men, women, & families from the grip of addiction & other life-controlling issues. To bring Hope within Reach.

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